Calling Godly Rebels
God Almighty is so good and so worthy of all of our daily praise.  DJ Bobby Knight and his wife, has enjoyed past endeavors in the Entertainment field.  Through their combine Love from music,  they have decided to share different types  of music with others.  They want to encourage others that different types of  music can calm one's soul and encourage a good relationship with God Almighty.

Calling Godly Rebels

"Calling Godly Rebels" is a group that's focus on trying to recruit the rebels of the world. Some people believe once a rebel is always a rebel.  As long as we use our rebel skills to represent the Lord with love, peace and understanding, then it's all good.  Most rebels standup for themselves and others.  We want the rebels that have a closer relationship with the Lord. 

We want to encourage them to share their hardships with others to help bring someone to GodAlmighty. When we have rebels fighting for God Almighty, then that will be our rebels revenge and rebel's revenge, is when a rebel change for the betterment of his/her relationship with God Almighty , which proves the statistics and others wrong. 

In reference to the word "fighting" meaning resisting the daily temptation that comes our way.  It means standing up for God Almighty.  It means standing up for yourself and your family to have a good or possible great life.  It means not joining a group that's considered a hate group against others. It's about sharing your experience to reach and encourage others to follow Jesus lead......................

If you like to join this group, 
​then go to the contact page and leave you contact information.  Continue to travel at God's speed.

St ump the devil out of God's Way

We have to take a stand.

For our Heavenly man.

Devil worshipers in the streets.

Trying to knock us off our feet.

Stump the devil out of God's way.

God promise a better day.

God gave up his only son

To make sure the battle would be won.

Don't ignore the nasty comments of hate

Encourage love for God and Jesus sake.

Stump the devil out God's way.

God promise a better day.

When it's a battle we're trying to fight.

We cannot give up, we must do what's right.

Stand up for God because he stands up for us.

For he is our protector from birth to dust.

Stump the devil out God's way.   

God promises a better day.