Our Family Outreach Service
All Connected 2 One Family Outreach Service
All Connected 2 One- Family Outreach Service has been honored to share our random acts of kindness with the Elderly, Homeless and different Neighbors in the Community in which we live.

In The Holy Bible(KJV):
Genesis 1:1
In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
Genesis 1:20
And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven.
Genesis 1:27
So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

Our Hope for Sharing Our Random Acts of Kindness With The Community:

Our hope, is that our random acts of kindness encourage the different recipients to believe that God Almighty hasn't forgotten about them and that he loves them.  We also hope, that the random acts of kindness encourage more brotherly and sisterly love, understanding, and compassion for one another.

Our Family Outreach Resources and Inspiration:

We utilize the resources we have as a Family to provide this service.  We do not receive any funding from other sources at this time.  We feel privilege to provide this type of service.  To be honest, we have done this type of service before we even established our Family Outreach,  now it's good to have a foundation for the services we share with the Community.
*If you would like to send some supplies/gifts to help our Outreach share more random acts of kindness with the Community, we ask that the supplies/gifts be respectful and inspirational for the different individuals and groups in the Community.

*We have three different targeted groups for our Family Outreach service.  

Our "Seniors Backbone of America" Mission:

We personally feel most Senior Citizens have been the backbone of America.  Most Senior Citizens have paid their dues to society by working hard to maintain their independence and their families. Giving them inspirational gifts and spiritual literature is our way of giving back to this group of people. A little love can go a long way. We hope by sharing some quality time and gifts, that it encourages good health for them.

Example of success on two different levels, with one ultimate common denominator:

One Senior Citizen raised her children going to church learning about God Almighty and having morals and values in life.  She shared this knowledge to them while she was receiving public assistance. They didn't have much, but they had much love for one another. Her children grew up to be successful in their career choices.  They all thank their mother for teaching them about God Almighty and reaching for their dreams.

Another Senior Citizen was a Computer programmer, and she was able to teach her children about having morals and values through their teachings about God Almighty.  She was able to provide the finer things in life to them.  She made sure they knew of her struggle to become a Computer programmer and to not take anything for granted.

Both of the Seniors were successful because they made sure their children learned about moral and values through God Almighty guidance.

Our "Helpful to the Homeless" Mission:

There are so many different circumstances that can cause the average person to become Homeless.   We understand that the different agencies and churches are doing their best to put a dent into the Homeless population.  We want to help by providing gifts and spiritual literature to the Homeless. We hope by doing this, it will give the Homeless more hope for a better tomorrow. Whenever, we refer to the Homeless, we make the first letter is capitalize.  It doesn't matter where Homeless is used in the sentence we still capitalize the first letter.  We have decided to do that, to encourage the Homeless to keep their heads up.  We want to let them and others know that the Homeless do not need to feel ashamed about their temporary living situation.  We hope we're able to take their minds off their temporary crisis, by trying to encourage a smile on their faces with our random acts of kindness.

Some Stereotypes of the Homeless:
Most Homeless are considered be lazy people that don't care.

Most are considered to come from poor backgrounds.

Most are considered to be thieves and criminals.

Most are considered to be delusional or insane.

Most are considered to have addiction problems.

The Facts About Homelessness
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Homelessness can happen to anyone at any given time due to a natural disaster.

Some people become Homeless due to losing their jobs.

The rate of Homeless Military Veterans is growing tremendously.

Some become Homeless due to alcohol and drug addiction.

Some become Homeless due to mental illness.

Some become Homeless due to domestic violence.

Some family’s medical condition causes an unexpected medical expenses and that causes the families to be Homeless.

Some seniors suffer with a medical condition called dementia (Alzheimer's) that causes them to forget to pay their bills.  It also causes them to go to an unfamiliar area because of their memory lost.

Some teens become Homeless due to their abusive parents or guardians.  Then some runaway, but do not have anyone or anywhere to go to.

Some have become Homeless due to a death in their family and the decease person was the main financial supporter of the family.

Call 211 or 311 from any phone for a list of shelters in your area.  There are more links below.

Our Neighbor to Neighbor Mission:

We share random acts of kindness to people in the community that have had some  type of hardship.  It might be a love one that is serving in the Military and their love one needs to know that God Almighty hasn't forgot about them or their love one.  It can also be a love one recently lost a job and need to know that God Almighty hasn't forgot about them and he will Bless their household. We find out by the word of mouth or someone can contact us to share a situation through our contact page.  Please share that this is for the Neighbor to Neighbor Mission.

Our Budget Update:

In the past we were able to help with some utility cost, security deposits, rental payments, clothing, and furniture items, but now we know longer assist with those type of services.  We have agreed as a Family and a Spiritual team to share our random acts of kindness through continuing the clothing at different times of the year if feasible.  We also decided to include (4) different inspirational and affordable gifts. The four (4) different type of gifts, will be distributed to (One gift per person) as many people our budget permits.   Now, if we obtain furniture items in the future, we will give them to different individuals within the Community or give the items to a local shelter or thrift store.  If someone is in need of any of the other services we no longer offer, please call 211 or 311 from any phone, so the United Way may assist you.  If you would like to Volunteer and help us share our Random Acts of Kindness with others, then know you will be rewarded Spiritually and we will provide a meal voucher and a gas voucher if youre helping with transportation to the different events.  Please click on the contact page and send us your contact information.  

Our Family Outreach Holiday Prayer for You and Yours

*The Holidays are here and we want to encourage everyone that celebrate the Holidays to remember the Spiritual significance of certain Holidays.  Yes, we can have family gatherings with different feast, but let us all remember to rejoice and praise the Lord for the many Blessings that he provides to us everyday of the year.  Let us, also remember the one's that are hungry, the military fighting for our freedom, the homeless veterans, the homeless families, the homeless children, the unemployed, the victims of abuse, and the people who do not have any family and friends to celebrate the Holidays with. Pray, that they stay strong and receive the food, the housing, the employment, the lonely ones will meet trustworthy friends or associates, and people receive the legal help they need, during these trying times. From our Family here at "All Connected 2 One" we would like to wish you and your family many safe and joyful Happy Holidays.

Tenant and Landlords Rights and Responsibilities:

In an apartment community some tenants complaint about the different things that need to be fix in an apartment.  Some landlords, complaint about the different tenants that try to destroy their properties.  There is an organization that can be like a mediator for both parties, to resolve the differences.  If the differences can not be resolved, then most times, the dispute is heard in a court of law.  If you would like to learn more about the rights for tenants and the rights for landlords and what their responsibilities are then go to the links below.

The Links will be available soon.