Video's Of The Struggle
  1. Man Was Hit By Car
    This man was hit and the driver continued driving without stopping to see if he was .ok
  2. One Third Of Homeless Men Are Veterans
    There are more and more Veterans that are becoming Homeless. Below at the bottom left, there's a video about Homeless Woman Veterans.
  3. Parents Guilty Of Child Starvation Death.
    Unfortunately, a child died as a result of parents neglect. R.I.P.
  4. Elderly Man Was Physically Abused By His Nurse.
    This lady found out that her Father was being physically abused by his Nurse. The Great news is that she had hidden cameras and the nurse was charged for the crime.
More Video's Of The Struggle
  1. Different Financial Institutions
    Different Financial Institutions try to keep a special alert on the Elderly accounts, in case someone tries to take advantage of them financially.
  2. Homeless Family
    A Homeless Mom and her children was brave enough to share their experience of being Homeless.
  3. Homeless Woman Veterans
    More and more woman veterans are coming home from war Homeless.
  4. Homicide Of A Homeless Man
    A Homeless man was killed.